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Air Bear 2019 is a group on FSEconomy, a site dedicated to making flight simulators more practical and enjoyable. The group offers:

  • 60% of revenue to pilot
  • Group pays all fees associated with flight
  • Access to any aircraft and FBOs that the group purchases
  • No risk
  • Managed by bears

If you own a copy of X-Plane, Flight Simulator X, or Prepar3D, please join the group. Instructions can be found here. I will keep the following group details up to date:

  • Group current balance + my current balance rounded to the nearest v$10k is v$120k
  • Current group size is 80
  • Number of aircraft owned: 1 including Cessna 172
  • Number of FBOs owned: 1 including MT47
  • MVP (most valuable pilot) award goes to OhYeah112233, formerly scyythen

The comment section of this page will serve as the forum for the group. Please comment at the bottom if you have questions!

63 thoughts on “Air Bear – FSEconomy Group”

      1. That’s awesome! You have a few options regarding your aircraft:
        1) Rent it yourself so anyone can use it, including group members
        2) Transfer it to the group, allowing the group to use it (providing the have the model in their simulator) and rent it to anyone
        3) Same as #2 but without renting it to anyone outside the group

        If you take option #2 or #3 and transfer the aircraft to the group, I will probably be able to transfer it back to you if you want it back for some reason.

      1. Excellent, thanks!

        Full disclosure: I’m not keeping up with the group too often, because I’m busy working on short films, etc. Hopefully, group staff can keep take over for the time being.

  1. Hello, I’m fairly new to FSE but I just joined the group. I’ve got a DR400 somewhere in the US and about $40K in the bank, what can I do to help?

    1. Thanks for joining! Right now, we are saving up for a bigger plane for around v$300k. I can’t ask you to transfer funds but flying for the group helps us earn more. I see you have been doing quite a bit of that already, and we are over half way there 🙂

      For consideration, do you know which simulator(s) support the DR400 and where it can be purchased or downloaded?

    1. Wow, that would be really cool! For banking and groups there is a transfer ownership field where you select an entity. I’m not sure about FBOs though. Look through all page(s) of the FBO interface 🙂

      If you figure out how to do that, I can make the home base of our aircraft to be there.

      1. I’ve found the transfer button but the group isn’t listed. I’ll go to the forums, should get a quick response.

  2. If anyone wants to fly some passengers, I rented 4 gates at ICAO U41. The destination of the passengers will be MT47 about 35 NM at heading 024. They’ll be marked “Air Bear Passenger(s).” Be sure to fly for the group!

    1. There are some planes there but the Piper is bad and the Beechcraft is payware. Haven’t tried the heli, and the Rockwell isn’t worth it for the efficiency and rent price.

    2. If there aren’t any passengers at U41, check MT47. Also, I flew in a Beechcraft Baron if anyone wants to use it. Sorry for the rants.

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